Meet our Dog Dudes

Welcome to the Dog Dudes Page, here you can find out a bit more about the dudes running the walks. 



Rob Osman - Fully Qualified Dog Dude & Mental Health First Aider

Area: Bristol

Favourite Dog Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback or Hungarian Vizsla. I can't choose

Unusual Fact: Rob has a deep dark past as a bit of an actor and once played Nicholas Nickleby in a 6hr epic version of the play. Be glad you didn't have to sit through that!

Super Power: Talking! Apparently.

Hobbies: Hanging with my boy Titch, surfing, van life, Dudes & Dogs.

Rob’s Dog and Fellow D&D Walk Host: Although not hosting walks whilst he manages the training of Dog Dudes, Rob's (now famous) dog Mali goes just about everywhere he does.

Simon Dendle

Location: Lincolnshire

Job: Financial Planner / Firefighter

Dream: To Fly Air Ambulance

Mission: To show people it doesn’t matter where you started, anything is possible.

Dog: Jasper - Cockerpoo

Best trick: Making things vanish. Especially when involving food.



Nick Poulton - Fully qualified Dog Dude & Mental Health First Aider

Area: Henley on Thames, South Oxfordshire

Favourite Dog Breed: Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

Unusual Fact: Nick has seen a ghost. No, really.

Super Power: Nick claims he can connect any film to any film by a series of factual links (Kinda like the 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon without the Kevin Bacon bit)

Hobbies: Running, watching films, writing, listening to music, walking & talking

Nick’s Dog and Fellow D&D Walk Host: Otto, a young Wirehaired Vizsla, who is full of beans, totally soppy and loves EVERYONE!


Matt Selwyn - Fully qualified Dog Dude & Mental Health First Aider

Area: Gloucester

Favourite Dog Breed: Labrador

Unusual Fact: Holds a black belt in traditional Wado Ryu kickboxing

Super Power: Matt has an unwavering ability to support his local rugby team – GLAWSTER, GLAWSTER.

Hobbies: Finding new music and attending gigs, long walks with his dog, “playing” the guitar.

Matt’s Dog and Fellow D&D Walk Host: Oakey, a 5-year-old Labrador X Vizsla, who is never happier than when rolling in mud.

Kieran Yarwood - Fully qualified Dog Dude & Mental Health First Aider

Area: Gloucester

Favourite Dog Breed: Golden Retriever

Unusual Fact: I've had more dogs stay the night at my house than I've had people visit

Super Power: Being able to eat 24/7



Ryan Curtis

Area: Bristol South 

Favourite Dog Breed: Dachshund 

Unusual Fact: I put hot sauce on a cooked breakfast

Super Power: the ability to trip over thin air


Charlie Taylor

Area: South Bristol "Massive" 

Dog: Bechon Bolognese 

Claim to Fame: I’ve met the big 3 - Princess Di, Michael Jackson and Donald Trump, oh and Andi Peters bought my iPhone for me 

Super Power: Spotting typos on menus and signs. I’m genuinely remarkable at it.


Christian Williams - Fully qualified Dog Dude & Mental Health First Aider

Area: Bridgend

Dog Name: Hank

Unusual Fact: Once worked on the film set for the movie ‘Show Dogs’

Super Power: Tyson Fury’s No 1 Fan


Tony Phipps - Fully qualified Dog Dude & Mental Health First Aider

Area: Bath

Favorite Dog: Bull Dog

Super Power: Speed

Interesting Fact: Tony became friends with a Taliban sniper who tried to kill Tony and his patrol. 


Michael Seaborne

Area: Brighton

Favourite Dog Breed: How are you supposed to choose just one! 

Unusual Fact: Can fit a whole dry Weetabix in my mouth

Super Power: Making the drinking of coffee during exercise sessions seem perfectly normal

Hobbies: In a dance crew called Outta Puff Daddys, walking and running (when not broken)

Michael’s Dog and Fellow D&D Walk Host: Loki a 5 year old Labrador X Cocker Spaniel who is the most happy and chilled out chap (unless you try to post anything through my door!)