D&D Military


Dudes & Dogs Military is a branch of Dudes & Dogs, a men's mental health support group providing a safe space for men to open up and share the mental stress that they are holding onto.

The group enables men to walk and talk with others and be heard with other men with shared issues and experiences.  


In the words of Chief Military Dude, Tony

Dudes & Dogs C.I.C. Military Dude - Tony Phipps

"75% of all suicides in the UK are men and  far too many of those are serving or ex-military guys. Our Dudes & Dogs Military group has a holistic approach to supporting men's mental health . "




We are affiliated to a mental health charity called PTSD Resolution who provide counselling for serving members of the armed services, veterans and their families.

We are also affiliated to Forces Online that provides a virtual video hub that you can drop into for mental health support. 

PTSD Resolution Counselling Forces Veterans and Reservists



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We have also affiliated with Minds at War to support an emergency call smartphone app.  Our Dudes & Dogs mental health support app called Man Down UK has an emergency call button for men that need immediate support. 

If you need support or want to learn more about Dudes & Dogs Military or if you would like to be considered to become a Dog Dude and lead some of our walks, then please CONTACT US 

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